The Power of Music and Dance

Jesus - San Ysidro, California
Entered on June 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Music is the one of two expressions that the entire world knows, and never gets outdated by today’s technology and new materialistic objects. Dance is the other that the people know something about it. Dance to me is the ability to express your self that words can not even describe. Dance is body language known that the entire human population can understand no matter what race or area where you came from. As Malcolm Gladwell would say that dance and music are two trends that have “tipped” and still spread like a virus to those wanting to learn how to dance.

Music and dance have been the few that have been able to not be forgotten by time. In the old days of no electricity music and dance were being performed in different parts of the world. Europeans and Americans had formal dances, or balls, tribes would dance around fires doing their ceremonial dances, and ritual dances to call upon or give thanks to the gods. Dance and music has changed since those time but it is still performed by people around the world. There are music artists and groups that can make platinum albums, and dance teams that can completely blow peoples’ minds by their performances. Anyone who watched “America’s Best Dance Crew” knows what I mean about good performances, especially with mentioning Jabbawockeez.

When I was a sophomore in high school I was watching my friends Byron and Elphbert show off their “clown walking” skills. I said to myself that I would want to learn to learn something like that, but I was afraid of not being able to feel the music in my body. When they taught me the basics of “clown walking,” it was after that that I would want to drop video games for learning to dance. I also started to notice how much easier I could make my feet groove to the beat of music. While looking at c-walkers show off their skills, I came across Khris Khaos an individual who was not only an insane c-walker but also amazing a freestyle dancer. After watching his videos of dancing I started to learn dancing from him. After learning to feel the music in my entire body I found the power of Krump: a dance that expresses the raw power of music through a mean almost bullying form of dance. Right now I am trying to learn the gravity defying moves of break dancing.

Dancing and music go hand in hand with each other that can compliment the other. The power of music and dance has been able to impress and continues to impress the people of this world today. I would love to see more dancers because dancing has had such a positive effect on me, and is much better than being glued to the TV or videogame. Dance is the bodies language that is spoken around the world, so what does your say when the music turns on?