Guardian Angels

Jason - Wells, Maine
Entered on June 5, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

When I was about three, my grandmother had joined my family for a hike somewhere in the White Mountains. At some point, I must have done something to displease my father. To punish me, I was told that they were going to leave me on the trail. They told me to sit on a log, while they all walked out of sight. Apparently they hadn’t walked far, thinking they’d wait a while, let me learn my lesson, and then they’d come back and get me. Instead, and not long after, I came casually walking around the corner, looking happy as ever. When they asked me how I’d found them, I answered that a man in white had come and explained to me that I shouldn’t be worried, and told me where to find them.

Unfortunately I don’t have much of a memory of this, but my grandma has told me this story since I was young.

Not from this instance only, but from numerous occasions throughout my life, I’ve become convinced that we’re surrounded by loved ones. Our “guardian angels” if you will. These are not just strangers, but people who, for some reason or another, have a divine interest in our personal well-being, family or friends who have passed before, and who are there for us.

When I was in high school, I was in a very bad car accident, a head-on collision. I’d had fallen asleep at the wheel, drifted into the oncoming lane. The other car was a Crown Victoria which is a solid iron frame of a car, whereas my car was a Dodge Daytona and was pretty much all fiberglass. The other driver was speeding at about 65mph and I was moving at 40mph. Needless to say my car was totalled. Yet I walked away from that accident without a scratch. I believe my friend, Jeremy, who died in a similar car accident only two years prior, was watching over me. The doctors said that the simple fact that I walked away was a miracle in itself, nevermind that I didn’t break a single bone in my body. I was trapped in the car for over two hours; it took two sets of Jaws-of-Life to cut me out of the car. I was essentially trapped in a tin can with no way out.

I also believe truly that there are “guardian angels” that are living amoung us. They do things for us without asking for anything in return. They watch over us. They may be your best friends or family, but they might also be people you don’t even know. For me personally? I know I have both living and heavenly “angels” watching over me. I can’t say how many are sent down from heaven, but I do know I have 14 that are like mothers to me, and one inparticular that has my back no matter what.

So, whatever trial, you’re experiencing, however alone you may feel in your life, in your struggles, or in your efforts, know this – that you are not alone. There are those that you cannot see that are there to help you, and the impact of their efforts is real, if seldom recognized. This I believe.