Inner strength

Denali - Sandiego, California
Entered on June 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

In life people perceive everything differently. Every situation to every person is something different. I believe in inner strength. I believe in the inner strength to make hard decisions in your life. Life is not perfect for anyone, even those who appear or have the perception that their life is perfect. So we all need inner strength.

We all want and need and have goals for ourselves. Those of us who choose to accept what we have and that there is nothing more are not necessarily weaker than those of us who choose to set standards and not give up. I have a goal to become a journalist at a high class fashion magazine, along with other things in life. Goals are what keep many people, including myself, continuing to thrive in their lives. I came to the conclusion that I could put up with all the harsh decisions and feelings that I wasn’t going to amount to much at all, also that I did not have the strength to choose something and make sure that somehow it would happen in my life.

One night a few years ago I went through probably one of the harshest times in my life. Days would be spent curled up on the floor crying next to the door, smelling grass and wind through the crack to the backyard. Lying on the floor for hours every night I spent the time crying, dwelling on my depression, and slowly ruining myself in more ways than one. One night though it seemed like the only answer that I had was to give up on trying in life. People did not seem to understand where I was coming from, I felt lost and alone. Life did not seem to have anything to offer me. While on the phone one night a friend told me how he got through the days where he as well felt the feelings of nothingness and just giving up was what appealed most to him. Find inner strength to get the goals in your life. He told me to reach inside of you find the strength to make your goals happen, whether you know it or not you will have the support of someone in your life. You can find your inner strength in any situation. This I believe is that we all have inner strength. Whether it is to make decisions in your life, fight through hard times, over come your fears, etc. You can overcome what ever life spirals at you.