Nature Speaks to Me

Rachel - Roanoke, Virginia
Entered on June 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I love to talk to birds, and I think they like to listen too. They sometimes answer back. They answer me with a twitter or a tweet. I believe that everything can hear and understand me. Even the kitchen cupboard and the rain drops. I love to talk to nature and it sometimes answers back.

I also believe in dragons and fairies. I think that they are as alive as we are. I believe that fairies watch over you and guide you in your life. Like your outer conscience. I can sometimes hear them talking, and sometimes I answer back. I believe they are there waiting to for us to figure them out. They are real.

I believe in spells and magic. In wizards and in witches. I believe that wands hold real power and that we could use them too, if we knew how. I like to play games with my friends where we make up characters and act like we have powers. Even though it is highly improbable, I can’t wait till the day when our powers will work and we will become wizards and witches.

So, what I’m trying to say out of all this is that I believe in magic and magical things. I will teach my children about magic, fairies, and other magical things. I hope they will believe, and I hope you believe, too.