Good Days and Bad

Rachel - Blue Ridge, Virginia
Entered on June 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Everyone fights and has bad days. We have great days too. Sometimes when you look forward to things they are not as fun as you expected. At other times, you might be anywhere at any time and have the best time of your life. When I’m disappointed, I try to make the best with the time I have.

One time when I was at a concert, the girl sitting next to me seemed really sad and gloomy. Her mom and two other girls were having a great time. I guess she didn’t like the music. If I were her, I would have danced anyway. Even if I didn’t like the music, I could still have fun dancing.

When I got my hair permanently straightened I loved it. But when I took a shower and woke up the next morning it was curly again. It wasn’t as curly as before and it did not look like the curls I use to have. I was very upset but then I tried all the new hair styles I could do and they were beautiful. I also could take the flat iron and straightened it in less time.

Sometimes good things can become bad things and bad things can become good things. With the words you say and the actions you do, it affects your life. With a new attitude everything changes. Once, I listened to the song Life’s What You Make It, I believe this.