Everything Is Going To Be Alright

Artie - Fair Haven, New Jersey
Entered on June 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

I believe that everything is going to be okay. I believe that the starving people in Africa will be okay even tough the death rate keeps increasing. I believe that the landslides in California will stop. I believe that the poverty in the middle east will straighten itself out. I believe that the people in china will heal from the earthquake. I believe, I believe that everything will be okay.

When we had gone to Disney land for the first time, was also the first time I had lost my mother. We were walking back from the wild rides of Mr. Walt Disney, when a couple of street vendors came right in between me and my mother. My mom still walking with my dad and sister carelessly not notice that I’m gone and keep walking. I start to yell but with all the other kids yelling mommy she doesn’t respond. Hopelessly standing there in front of a small tree I wait. Almost like I had wish I had tracking device and my mom was coming to get me. I start to walk again unknowingly of where I am in the park. I venture on through the vast park, As I’m looking around I see different people not the ones I normally see. And I keep thinking someone is behind me. My brain is starting to play tricks on me. My eyes start to tear, as im hugged by a clown. I look up, it’s a clown, not my mom, not my dad, not my uncle, or aunt but just a clown? I see him blowing into a balloon, he starts to twist it like a pretzel. He hands it to me, I don’t take it. He forces it into my hands. I see my mom in the distance. I start to run over to her. She dosent see me. I run faster almost tripping on my own two feet. She looks down next to her almost if she was looking at me. She relizes I’m not there. And I can only see her face looking like she just got bit by a bumble bee stung her, Like she over re-acted by like 100 but it still hurts. I run faster toward her screaming mommy mommy! I see her turn and look at me Artie! I run faster. My short stubby legs bounce back and fourth I start to woubble. Mommy, Mommy. I am enlighted with warm hug. Oh artie, I see three tears role down her eyes. Speechless my mother wraps me up in a towel almost as if she was trying to keep me warm even though it was 80 degrees out and takes me back to the hotel room.

Now this I belive that everything will be okay. That life will take its toll and life will elapse and we will all move on.