Smiles Can Change Us

Ben - Traverse City, Michigan
Entered on June 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Everybody needs a nice gesture once in a while. One to pick us up off the ground when we are sad and feeling down. We all need something to make us merry when we are dark and feeling gloomy. The one thing that can cure all these a smile is what we do to please. I do believe it is quite a gift to get a smile that gives a lift. Underestimated and underused, a smile can cheer the shortest fuse. I do believe that this is true, and if I could I would smile at you.

People do not utilize the smile nearly as well as possible. A smile, I have heard, can change the course of someone’s life. I know of a story of someone who gave a smile and a small compliment to a troubled student. This student was downhearted and needed some act of kindness, of any size, to get them on the right track. One day, someone made a nice compliment and gave a smile to this student. That student made a change for the better after that. Smiles are a powerful social tool, and as I said, most people do not smile enough or do not understand the importance of a simple smile.

The all time famous saying of, “It takes less muscles to smile than to frown” my be true but there are better reasons to have a smile on your face. Smiles are contagious. People have a tendency to feed off happy emotions. When a person is down and they see someone with a smile on their face, that person wants to feel happier and smile too. For example, when someone is having a rough day at school and a classmate gives them a smile, the down student usually has a tendency to grow happier. In addition, there are certain muscles in your face that stimulate happier emotions. Therefore, following the claim that smiles are contagious, when someone is feeling down and they smile, they will have a desire to feel happier. Those muscles are used when you smile. The muscles used when you frown stimulate unhappy emotions.

Smiling helps both the person smiling and the person being smiled at feel happy. Scientists have done research to support the premise that smiling helps people feel happy. They say that if a person puts a pen in their mouth sideways and bites on it with their lips it utilizes the same muscles as a smile does. If a person puts a pen in their mouth with one end in their mouth, the person’s face uses the same muscles as if it were frowning. Along with the muscle tests, the subjects studied reported being happier or sadder respective to the data just provided.

Smiles are underused and make people happy. Science has proven that the face muscles used to smile stimulate happy emotions. When people smile, they feel happy. When people are smiled at, they want to feel happy. What I believe is this I say, give a smile once more a day. If you try to live this way, I am sure that it will light your way.