The Power of Words

Bishnu - Lafayette, Colorado
Entered on June 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The Power of Words

I believe poetry is a musical beat that eliminates reality’s sounds.

I used to be a kid caring for nothing but fun. I used to be immature (I still am at times), laughing at anything that others laughed about. I used to feed my brain the cannabis herb, the holy fountain, my alternative to escape reality’s grasp on my life, intoxicating my blood, altering my consciousness–just to get away.

But soon it all changed.

After reading a poem that my friend had wrote about his troubles, I was inspired, traumatically intrigued by how he described his feelings, his thoughts inked through poetical metaphors and similes. His analogies depicted the events that happened to him and showed a state of knowledge of his prospect of life. His word choice, so powerful—an intellectual human-being projecting his sophistication, screaming to the world.

I stayed up all night writing a poem of my own, so motivated, my fascination provoking my conscious, words blossomed. I felt in-tune with myself, feeling, hearing, nothing but the sound of my fingers hitting the keyboard. I wrote a poem to my friend. Exhilaration. Kindling the furnace of my emotions. I felt myself escape realty, barricading the stream of thoughts I had been programmed to perceive.

Words descended from my brain diluting my nerves, summoning metaphors that forcefully plucked away at my brain, a symphony cluttering my awareness. I had tapped into the computer of my brain.

Memories poured out, an hour glass filled with cheerless and cheerful experiences formulated allowing me to illuminate my expressions. Shocked how versatile words concreted and emphasized my intent.

I started reading poetry, music, carefully listening to the lyrics trying to stretch my mind. I started reading the dictionary hoping to expand my vocabulary.

Through poetry I found my holy grail. I had crafted a place, a world that only existed when I ciphered my own emotion to metaphors. I wanted to escape reality so bad, I wanted to shed the cocoon, the drug scapegoat preventing my transformation.

I believe in the power of words and poetic metaphors. A new reality. This is my belief.