Detoxifying America

art - Irvine, California
Entered on June 5, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I was listening to a remarkable speaker at AIPAC, who seemed to have a reasonable understanding about the core problem in the Middle East. The speaker pointed out that in its 60 years history Israel has achieved what other old nations in the region have been trying to achieve for hundreds of years. Of course, such an achievement would not have been possible without the bond between Israel and America, without modernization, and without true conviction about democracy and defending it against its opponents.

The speaker rightfully understood that fundamentalism is the most serious threat against freedom in America, Israel, and other democratic nations. At the same time as a peaceful statesman, the speaker emphasized that the war has not reduced the influence of fundamentalism but strengthened it and therefore it must come to an end as soon as possible. To end this influence, the speaker rightfully understood that not the war but economic boycott of fanatic states and punishing the firms that violate the boycott is the most reasonable choice.

The speaker rightfully recognized that ending the war not only would save the lives of Americans and their opponents but also would restore America’s credibility among her friends and foes alike. However, the speaker did not have any realistic suggestion, how to end the war, which might be due to his limited knowledge about the region.

Like the rest of the world before renaissance, the Middle East has been ruled by dictators for hundreds of years. These dictators have used every oppressing method to make people follow them blindly. Like terrorized students by school bullies, the people in the Middle East have lost their confidence and have been hoping a brave but fair hero would help them. Many of them think America to be that hero and have welcomed her on and off, without thinking about her oil addiction.

Like most addicts, America is a gentle and sensitive lady but has difficulty ending her addiction alone. She recognizes that she can not continue to pay over four dollars for a gallon of gas. Our addicted loving and lovable libertine lady needs gradual detoxification, guidance, and support. Since Israel, America ‘s closest alley and counselor, has no access to oil, America needs another non-dictatorial state to help her with detoxification and freedom from oil addiction. However, such a state does not exist officially but its foundation is there and can be endorsed by this or the next president the way a “true man” endorsed a new state 60 years ago.

Kurdia, the region North of Iraq-Arabia, West of Persia, South of Turkia, and East of Syria is ready to be endorsed as the next democratic state in the Middle East. This region seems to have the same affinity for American values as Israel and the rest of the democratic nations. It has reached the level that can stay on her own and has enough oil that is sufficient to detoxify America until she fully recovers and comes up with a non addictive source of energy. It is time that American troops withdraw from war zones and are stationed in Kurdia to protect democracy and to detoxify America’s oil addiction.