Track Family

Gregory - Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
Entered on June 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, sports

I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that a person family is far more than those people that are simply related to them by blood. Why does having a few chromosomes in common with someone make them so much more special than someone else. Instead why don’t we base the people that we consider to be our family on more meaningful things than just who their parents were. Why not decide to surround yourself with people who care deeply about you and everything that happens to you, all of your ups and your downs. These are the people that I find to be my family.

My family is not as simple as many other peoples. I was inducted into the Bellefonte Track Team family during my freshman year and I have never looked back or turned my back on any of those select few who make up the team and can truly care what happens to it and all of the players that are on the team. I was one of those people but I didn’t instinctively know to simply care about all things track. No I was taught and inducted into the family by two very special seniors who took it upon themselves to leave behind a piece of their knowledge to me.

They showed me throughout my first year what it meant to lead the team and then at the end of the year they asked me to participate in their own home made tradition. A tradition that I still do to this day, but the actual action isn’t what’s important it’s the memories that come back from it. All the people who I’ve watched get faster over the years and all those people that I feel I helped make them faster. They all come running back towards me.

This year being my senior year I felt obligated as a coach sometimes acting as the coach and running the practices. I know that every single person gave it their all not only for me but for themselves and then also for the team. You could see the energy being transferred from person to person as each person pushed themselves harder and harder not to beat the person besides them or any other team for that matter. But to experiment with their own bodies and mind and find out what they were truly capable of.

Those people helped me develop into the runner and person that I am today and I contributed to their growth as well. I would do anything to help any one of them out. And I know they would do the same that is why I will always submit that the Bellefonte Track Team is my true family and no matter what I will always look back and the lessons and relationships that I have from those days. And I know I’m a better man because of it.