Another Day, Another Philosophy

Tyler - Hastings, Michigan
Entered on June 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe, today there are more people in the world with more philosophies than ever before. Should we live each day like it’s our last, or should we build toward a future? Is the success of life measured by what we accomplish, or is it working toward the American Dream that fills up our light of life with current? Should we live of the land and simplify our life to earn peace, or is it necessary to complicate things to achieve contentment in our lives?

Everyone today is breathless. To long have people spilled out their philosophies and beliefs on to paper and into writing. Screaming out to others trying to wise, giving advice with no one asking. No one complains because everyone, including myself, wants to hear what others have to say. I enjoy stories of a man trying to find his place in the world; the journey of man up the mountain of labor and reaching the summit of self satisfaction. Once there, he will feel wise and have his philosophy on the world.

The old ones speak of winter, and the young ones hail the sun. The elderly have seen genocide and war throughout their entire lives, many fear that we have gone too long and that with conflicts in the Middle East, holy land to many, that we have scratched the surface on a third World War. The young ones are filled with what the old see as ignorance, and what the young call optimism. Every generation gives thank to the sun, for giving them the opportunity of life and prosperity. Each group has its own philosophy based on what they’ve seen and what they see ahead. I look toward a hopeful future, yet there is a sneaking suspicion that what I see is a mirage of I want deep inside myself.

My hope is that everyone in the world will find their philosophy that fits them, and to reach happiness. Happiness enough to spread it to those around them, so that one day we may make leave this earth in a better condition then what we left it in. If we work toward making a perfect circle out of the circle of life then when we slip into eternal sleep we will slide between the sheets of pleasant dreams and not slither into the bed of a dreadful and never ending, nightmare. This I believe.