This I believe

Nathan - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on June 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

As I grow older in life and go through more experiences with more people, I have come to the conclusion that every single person has one positive quality to offer to this world at least. Potential for excellence always exists in every person around t he world no matter who they are. As someone who has gone to summer camp for the majority of my life as well as working at one, I see young developing minds over the duration of my summers. I can also see bullying, however, but that is easily managed and put aside when the group is assigned a task and they all team up together to achieve their goal. I also understand not everyone has perfect social skills or perfect intelligence, but where the lack in one area, they excel in another and even though it can take a lifetime to discover where one can truly succeed, the benefits it brings will be extremely grand indeed. These young children serve as a model for our society as they show that anything can be accomplished with the proper determination and inspiration. Unfortunately, with the increasing competition in every job field today and the receding United States economy, jobs openings are fewer than ever and currently many people are sitting out waiting for an opportunity. Everyone won’t excel at first but it is always much easier as well as much more cynical to point out someone’s faults as it is to compliment and praise them, as they deserve. Surfacing talents have been evident throughout mankind’s history, originating with philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates, three men who became experts at making generalizations about life, and they were pretty good at it too. This trend has continued more recently such as in the cases of John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates. These four men followed the rags to riches idea that was and is the American Dream because they found something that they were good at and they excelled at it, from steel manufacturing, to inventing new technology, to mining oil, they’ve all accomplished great things. I’ve learned from experience that it takes time for most people to realize their true calling and I am prepared to wait and see what I am meant to do. In the meantime, I dabble in an array of different hobbies to see what interests me and what doesn’t, which is just what all parents teach their children: try different things. I’m glad I finally understand what that means.