Love Lost and Love Found

Andrea - Middleville, Michigan
Entered on June 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

What do I believe in? I could probably spend all day, listing all the things I strongly believe in. I believe in hope, I believe in happiness, and I believe in love. I believe in second chances. I am Pro-Life and I am against capital punishment. I believe in wildlife and beauty of nature. But who would I be, if I didn’t have these beliefs. Well I wouldn’t be myself. These beliefs represent who I am. So most importantly, I believe in myself.

Growing up, it was about who had the coolest nail polish, and who you played with at recess. Being young, you don’t have to worry about the big things; you were young and predictable. You didn’t have to make decisions, and you didn’t have to worry about the important events that were going on in the world, because you were just a kid. Now that I am sixteen, there is so much freedom and responsibility that I can lose my way. Honestly it scares me, but in a way I can’t wait to get out there and show the world what I can do. I believe that within myself, I have the strength and the will power to achieve everything that I dream about. I believe that I will gain the strength to leave my comfort circle, which would be home, into the unknown world.

We all go through the tough times in our life, and we never want to experience those times a second time. I believe that when you go through something tough, it brings out who you are, and I do believe it makes you stronger. On November 17, 2007 I lost my best friend. That morning my family and I couldn’t find my golden retriever, Buddy. I went outside to look for him. My best friend had died under his favorite spot, where he was truly happy. That was by far the hardest thing I have been through. It made me realize something about myself. I had fallen so low, and it hit me so hard, but I got through it. It’s reassuring and it gives me hope that I can and will get through tough times in my life. I know Buddy is in a better place, but I do wish more than anything I wish he was still here. On that November day, I lost a part of myself and a part of my life. I believe that even though I will never forget Buddy, I have the hope I will see my best friend’s happy, furry face again.

Everyone has their dreams of what they want to be and I have always had the same one. My dream is to be a Veterinarian. I have always had this dream, and as I being to grow up, it’s becoming clearer to me. When I was little, I brought home frogs and toads and asked to keep them. My family and I, had probably all the pets you can think of. After Buddy died, it just hit me. This is what I want to do. This is who I want to be. Being a veterinarian would make my world, because I can save a kid from feeling the pain that I felt. It killed me when Buddy died. I would be honored to be able to make a difference in someone’s life.

I think it’s very important to have morals and beliefs because it sets a place for you in the world. Morals and Beliefs represent who you are, and what kind of person you are. I want to go far in life and achieve all my dreams and I don’t think I could do that without believing myself. I believe that I have the strength to get through the tough times in my life. I believe that I have the will power, to be my own person. I believe that I have motivation to be whatever I want to be. I believe in myself and I couldn’t be happier. This I believe.