A World of Peace

Wenceslas - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on June 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: peace

This I believe. One day, the world will have plenty of peace. This belief takes roots from some wonderment.

Indeed, you may complain for the lack of material goods in this world. Won’t you feel yourself in peace if people around you help you to support your situation? Will you be insensible to people’s smile when they can read the same smiling expression on your own face? Well, those considerations are as simple as one plus one.

For, as everyone knows, smiling has no cost. Regardless of your social class, you own that treasure. It’s a potential key to open any successful door. Smiling first makes people feel free and open-minded. It’s the most support I get from everybody in my difficult times. It’s always ready to be given and received. It never hurts. Recommended in our societies, smiling will easily seep into customs and become a source of peace on earth.

But, is there peace if each person cannot take care of his own image? Who am I right now? If it’s the truth that OUSSAMA Ben Laden is guilty of the September 11th event, will what am I going to do make me look like him? That way, am I not going to be negatively renowned? Am I really happy when everybody around me is unhappy? How much do people like me? If not enough, why? How well do I do my job? I know I’m nothing if I have no activity to do in the society, for only belonging to the society those who work to contribute to its development.

Although I’m not perfect, I’m wondering about the appropriate example to follow by the future generation. It’s obvious that the more you have power, the more respected you are. Your will is easily put into action. So I look into this world, and I find out that our dear America is one of the most powerful countries. Though American’s President might be like the president of the world, could the President’s will barely be “peace” to have that peace created anywhere it’s needed in the world? How good is the idea to be the author of war in one place while you invite other countries to create peace?

In fact, I believe in the power of the smiling expression of the face that is offered and received from everyone in the world. I believe in the power of each individual to take care of his own image without any price. I believe in the power of worldwide personalities to use their influences for just peace in the world. I believe in those essential values that belong to everybody in the world. I believe in those capital values that required no price, no physical effort, no smartest action, no specific color, or no language skills to be understood and adopted by everyone. Therefore, because what we get in habit makes our nature, peace will take body on earth, and this world will become a world of peace. This I believe.