What a Christian once said…

Cristofer - Hialeah, Florida
Entered on June 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

What A Christian Once Said

I have lived my youth with a confusion of what others wanted me to say, do and believe. I guess I did not comprehend how they wanted me to live my life. My mom wanted me to be catholic; when I was catholic I was marked as a sinner. My Christian friends wanted me to be Christian, but I would still be a sinner! At this point I went on a quest. I needed to find out what I believe in, and not what others said I should believe. Why should I be a sinner if I believe my gay friends deserve a good life as Christians? Why should the priest at the church say that sex before marriage is wrong? Why would something so wrong feel so good?

During my quest, I ran into interesting people with different believes, many touched my heart. At the end of my quest after studying for a year different religions, I chose to be a Unitarian Universalists. I chose not to go to church, I chose to believe and worship in my own way.

Three years later, my pregnant wife and I were invited to a lunching, were her Christian family attacked us to baptize our child. I refused to baptize her especially when my wife and I are not Christian. Seven months later another lunching followed. This time our comfort was not taken into consideration. What a Christian once said was to love all care for all. What this Christian said was nothing close to that. “Your daughter will go to hell… the Christian way is the right way.” In my quest to religion, I learned this would happen.

Will I judge others? Yes I will, but will I respect others? Yes I will. Like a Christian once said, Love all care for all because no matter the religion no matter the god, what you believe in will not judge you, not care if your gay, not seek revenge, and it will not prove your beliefs wrong, because in the end its your beliefs, and that’s what matters.

Remember to take in consideration that life has a path, and the path you walk on is not the only one. Bricks are laid for many but no one knows why and who laid them down. Unless you lay the bricks out yourself respect others and their beliefs. This is my beliefs.