This I Believe

Jazlin - Freeport, Michigan
Entered on June 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

While taking horse lessons at YMCA Camp Manitou-Lin I had seen both physically and mentally disabled that took lessons on horses to better their skills called therapeutic riding. These kids/adults were always happy. They enjoyed riding horses and really didn’t think they were physically different than others. They didn’t care what anyone thought about them. The mentally disabled people always had a great big happy smile. They would fall in love with the horse and the volunteer helper.

This incident really brought me to become more interested in therapeutic riding, so I looked into it more. Having both physically and mentally disabled people ride helps them with their motor skills. Especially the physically disabled people, the horse’s movement and motion helps the person riding, so it is like the person is walking with the motion of the horse. This just amazed me!

I had previously been wanted to be an equine veterinarian, but realized it wasn’t realistic for me and but I still wanted to work with horses. I believe that a therapeutic riding instructor is the ideal job for me. I love working with kids and I love a positive attitude and none of this “I can’t” stuff.

I have started volunteering at therapeutic centers and hope to jump in feet first this summer. I can’t wait to help others with needed skills to help them livelonger! It is amazing how horses are such a vital role in disabled peoples lives. This is what I believe is my career.