Life in a blink

Gabriel - San Ysidro, California
Entered on June 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

I believe life is short. Everything passes rapidly and as we get older we wish we were young again. I remember when I was in elementary I was so desperate to grow up and now that I’m going to college I wish I had done many things I could’ve done but didn’t do. I wish I’d spend more time with some friends. I wish I had the opportunity to know people better. I could list many things I wished I had done, but then this essay would be fifty pages long.

It is in human’s nature to regret things we didn’t do in the past that we could’ve done; but we can only remember the past without being able to change it. The only thing we can change is our future by making choices in the present and not making the same error we have done in the past. I believe life is a mission to leave a mark. Life demands many things from us and we work hard to accomplish them. We shouldn’t focus too much on the material world because once we die we won’t take anything with us. We can only leave our actions behind and the consequences that they have brought. Our legacy is our memory that is passed on through generations; and this is the only way in which a man has achieved immortality. On the other hand money turns to dust and once it does it’s not worth anything anymore.