This I Believe

Caitlin - Middleville, Michigan
Entered on June 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“I believe”, is one of the most powerful statements that can be said. It has been heard throughout the world by a great many of audiences! It was also the most important speech given during the Civil Rights Movement, which was said by Martin Luther King Jr. His belief was so strong, that people (who were against him) shot him for it. My belief, on the other hand, hopefully won’t lead to me, being shot!

I remember the first time I went to Chicago. I was walking through a park when I turned to look and I saw many homeless men and women. I was so scared that they might take something from me that I made my dad stand between them and me. I have since have had an inside feeling that I will never live in Chicago, not because of the fact that I’m scared, but that I just don’t want to look at it everyday. That is a very WRONG thought that has passed through my head, which is why I believe that their should and most importantly be a change in the poverty level, which is now, very high! I look out into the world and find that it is an enormous problem. I also know that deep down inside, that it will never go away.

My goal because of my realization is to not diminish it; but to change how much their actually is of it. To accomplish my belief, I plan on working for the community. There are great ways in which I, but many others can do this by. One of which is the organization of Habitat for Humanity which builds and donates housing for those that are in need for it. I believe that with an increase in the use of this, that the poverty level can, and will hopefully go down. Also, there is need for help in the soup kitchens and pantry supply. Anyone can do this by buying and giving away food and by donating your time to in soup kitchens. And finally, we need to increase the minimum wage. Because I have seen in more ways in one, that minimum wage can just barely cover people. What in cause your son breaks his arm and leg. (Assuming they don’t have health insurance) It could cost a fortunate, whereas at least a month of pay can go right down the drain. What in cause he needs a wheelchair? That is another paycheck, right down the drain. What in cause your house gets broken into; and the guy steals all of your valuables, that is another, at least one paycheck right down the drain! “The good or ill of a man lies within his own will.”~ Epictetus. This is my belief and you have to fight, to win!