Nikolas - Lewiston, New York
Entered on June 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Personal Essay

What people believe in is something that can truly never be taken away by

anything. A set of morals and the ability to judge whether something is right or wrong

which is instilled in every one of us is what makes such a diverse world. Of course how a

person is raised and where they are brought up are vital factors that affect everything

about that person. Regardless of upbringing or background a common feeling to

everyone at one point or another is success.

How a person may view success varies in ability and countless other ways, but the

power from such a simple word can not only change a single person entirely but holds the

ability to influence a group of people, or possibly an entire nation.

Success must also be tied with failure in order to make a complete understanding.

Every day in every single person’s life they either succeed or fail, from complex

situations to simple tasks. It defines people in every way, and the feeling that’s

achievable from a simple win or triumph can lead to great things, as well as a simple

failure can be devastating.

In my personal experience with success and failure I find and believe that success

and failure controls everything. When I take a broad look at the world the struggle to

prevail is constant with war and trade. In my own life it has been a very important

factor, and still continues to be so. In school the need to succeed is prevalent

and is something that has always been important. I look at what tomorrow

can hold and know that the effort I put into school now will show its benefit in the future.

With that mentality always present I try to do everything to the best extent possible.

Perhaps the most significant source of the drive for accomplishment comes with

sports, particularly swimming. My attitude towards swim can be light hearted at times,

but when the time comes to that point of either being the victor or the next best nothing

else seems to matter and all the focus I have gets put in to those next few moments. What

I remember best about swim is when I am about to race and everything is quiet. I know

what I have to do in order to reach my goal and only a few minutes stands in the way of

reaching it. My stomach gets the most uncomfortable out of place feeling every time, but

I have to tell myself that I am ready and I deserve the win more than anyone else. There

must be a good mental state of mind if I can succeed, and then it feels as though anything

would be possible. All of the feelings and emotions derive from the will to be successful,

and that is why I believe success and failure have such great control over my life, and as

well as others because everyone feels that drive to achieve something.

With success comes pride which can lead to over confidence and eventually

failure and with failure comes the loss of hope and will which can be just as bad as giving

up. No matter whether I succeed or fail I always remember a certain quote which I

consider to have great meaning. Winston Churchill once said “Success is not final,

failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” I take this saying as

motivation to continue to try no matter if you win or lose. I know that success and failure

have been vital in determining who I am today, and I believe that to be true for countless

others whether they know it or not.