Time Heals All Wounds

Louis - Almena, Wisconsin
Entered on June 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I haven’t been alive for an extremely long time and I don’t know everything there is to know, but in my 17 years I have learned quite a bit about getting on people’s nerves. I don’t try most of the time, but I have a good knack for getting into quandaries with loved ones. Luckily, when I get on the nerves of loved ones, I have found that time really does heal all wounds.

As of late, the nerves I seem to aggravate the most are those of my mother. I personally think that this is due to me coming of age and that this was bound to happen with us. But some of the fights can be bad. I would never come down to a fist-to-cuff with her, but sometimes I find that I don’t know what to do other than take off to my room or just leave the house.

The problem with me just escaping is that I don’t truly escape. Instead, I find myself thinking about the battle, replaying it in my head. When we fight I know that I’m right, but eventually I realize that she had a point to the argument as well. The rest of the night is spent secluding myself from anything that would make me deal with the conflict and my realization that she’s partially right.

The next morning, I am cheerfully greeted by my mother as she wakes me for school. When she comes into my room it’s as if she has completely forgotten that we were arguing. I think her explanation for this is that it would be pointless to go to work mad every day.

I think that no matter how bad the situation gets there is headway to be made with loved ones. Ties that were broken can be mended by the cool little gadget we know as time. The effect that time has on us is that it makes us realize how much we love someone. We can see that this person has been there when we weren’t doing well, and when we are well, it is often because of happy interactions we have together.

I have not only learned this from my own personal experiences, but also from the stories that I hear from my friends. They also have bad fights with their parents and suffer the temporary consequences. It may take weeks, but in every case it turns out well in the end.

Fighting happens between people all the time, but with the right attitude and a strong family bond I believe that time is the healer of all wounds.