mistakes happen

oscar - san diego, California
Entered on June 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

Making mistakes is a big part of life. Everyone makes mistakes everyday; making them is an everyday thing just like eating or drinking. Everyone makes mistakes like the president, celebrities, bums on the street; even you and me make mistakes. A mistake is described as doing something wrong. Most people learn from their mistakes and learn never to do what they did again.

About five years ago, I was in my kitchen putting marshmallows on a stick for the pool party that I was having. Later that night after everyone was done swimming, we all gathered around the fire. I went inside to the kitchen to get the marshmallows and bring them to my friend. After I brought them, we all sat and roasted the marshmallows. I caught the marshmallow on fire and I was trying to blow it out and was swinging it around. I was passing it so everyone could blow on it to make it go out, but nothing was working. By that time, the stick was almost all the way on fire so I decided to throw the stick into the pool. When I did, it finally went out. Everyone was laughing and we all went back to roasting marshmallows. I learned never to put the whole marshmallow in the fire because the whole thing will catch on fire.

So basically, I believe that everyone makes mistakes and learns by them and I learned from my mistake. Another mistake that I think that I make a lot is in soccer, but I think that making mistakes in soccer is common and that’s why there’s practice, to learn from those mistakes and get better and improve so that we will not commit those mistakes again. I also know that I will not do it again because my teammates will encourage me and say that it’s was okay and that I’ll get it right next time. I will also encourage them the same way that they encouraged me and I know that in a way that mistake will not happen for a while. So what I believe is that making mistakes is a part of life and you can learn from those mistakes and help you improve your self. This has affected my life because the projector project I have made many mistakes like cutting the wood wrong or measuring it wrong or something. Those mistakes have helped me improve that project and the more mistakes that I make the better my project will come out and look.