Right to Live

Carrie - Caledonia, Michigan
Entered on June 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Every child should be born to develop their abilities to their greatest potential. An American Dream that most people hope for, is to have healthy children. This idea always made me believe, that kids with disabilities were not included. It felt as if they were considered as, “messed-up,” or, “mistaken.” Some people may consider abortion because the baby was not “perfect,” and they want to start over and try again. I believe that the child should be able to live, even though they might have medical or physical problems, because of my disability that I live with today.

Seventeen years ago, I was born and was tested for my hearing as hearing impairment ran in the family. Shortly after, the doctor announced that I was born deaf profoundly. I have worn different hearing devices throughout my life, as time progressed and as the technology became more advanced. At first I wore hearing aids at three and a half weeks. At age 7, I had an operation to get a cochlear implant. Currently, I wear a device called, an ear level, this is almost the latest technology.

Throughout life, I have struggled so many times like being discriminated or rejected by people. As a result, I blamed and was very angry at God for making me hearing impaired. I asked him questions such as, “Why did you created me as a hearing impaired person, why could I not be like the normal people? This is so hard, why are you putting me through it? What’s the point of this?”

As years passed by, I started strengthening my relationship with God by hearing more sermons from my youth group leader. Also, with the companionship of my close sister, Kristen, who is a strong Christian, and is also hearing impaired. I learned that God has a plan for my life and he has reasons for allowing me to be born hearing impaired. There is nothing to be ashamed of being hearing impaired, I thought. Whether I see it or not, God always has something good that comes out of difficult things in your life. I started to trust in God more and to trust him through hard times. My sister was a great role model, because she so strongly and faithfully trusted in God. She comforted and encouraged me when I was discouraged.

Because I found that God has a plan for me, I believe that all babies should be born and not terminated just because they have a disability; it is all part of God’s great plan for them. I only see a little portion of God’s plan for me. He showed people that a person with a disability is not restricted; they are capable of things that they never thought they could do. At school, I have the ability to be successful in all of my classes with all A’s. Some people, they would consider me as a “smart person.” I believe that every person is unique, very different from others, and are very special to God. They deserve to live their life, even though the mother may not want the baby for whatever reason. Living the American Dream can be more than just having the blessing of healthy kids, but also having the blessing of what they have, such as a disability.