This I Believe

Brynn - San Diego, California
Entered on June 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

I believe that time is never quite appreciated enough.

I myself have found that I can forget the fact that right now is a once in a lifetime moment. I’m not just saying, ‘Oh, this is a lifetime moment, how could you let this go by?!’ I’m beginning to realize that when people say you’ll never be “Here” again, it’s true.

To me, it’s truly shocking that two days ago, is in the past and we’ll never get the chance to be there again.

We can’t take back three seconds ago any more then we can take back what we said three years ago. We can always excuse ourselves for doing the things we’ve done, whether distant past or not so distant past, but what I understand is that we can’t reenact our past and change it.

Sometimes I’ll just be thinking, daydreaming if you will, and realize that I take my youth for granted, but that I really want to enjoy myself and get the best experience I can from where I am now.

I understand that sometimes I get annoyed and wish I were older so I wouldn’t be treated like a little kid, or wish I lived by myself so I’m not so dependent on the people around me. And yes, I acknowledge the fact that I will sometimes carelessly say, “Yeah, I’m a freshmen, but I wish I were older, or even living on my own.”

Truth be told right now, I know I’m not ready to live on my own or accept the responsibility an older person would hold. To defend myself, I’ll say I could, if I wanted to, but, I wouldn’t want to, because I know that right now I belong where I am, despite my anger flares and independent streak I can understand that.

Occasionally I’ll just stop and think, and I realize that I love where I am because I’m creating my future, and opening new possibilities up each day.

This might sound really cheesy, but honest to god it’s the truth for me, I enjoy everything I do each day because I know I’m making choices in a moment that I’ll never see again

If I really think about it, I understand that I have a good life; I just need to express myself more. And I will use what time I have here to make my own difference, whether big or little I will help with a change for the better on our planet.