The Most Loyal Friends

Anitra - San Diego, California
Entered on June 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The Most Loyal Friends

I believe in my shoes. My shoes are my best friends, the most loyal of them all. Every morning when I wake up they are there. And every night when I go to sleep they lie beside me. When I wake up I have to make a decision about what shoes to wear. The red or the blue? The gray or the brown? This is one of the most difficult decisions that I have to make every day. Once I make my decision I have to move on to color coordination. Do the shoes I picked out go with my outfit? If the shoes don’t go, I have to put them back and find another. I could imagine how abandoned that certain pair of shoes would feel but they are always quick to forgive, hoping that I wear them the next time. But even though I have my oh so loyal shoes I also have friends and family that could be just as loyal.

Sometimes I compare my shoes to my everyday friends. If I have a friend and we get along really well and we really don’t fight, they are like that pair of shoes that go with my outfit, the pair that never fails me. And the part of the morning when I have made a shoe selection and I trade it in for a new pair is like when I lose a friend and make a new one. But I’m always quick to forgive hoping that friend comes back around, hoping that lost friend is as loyal as that certain pair of shoes.

In every closet you have that certain pair of shoes. The ones that you wear almost everyday, your favorite pair, your best friend. You and your best friend do everything together. No matter what the color of the outfit is. This is a friend that you have had forever. A long time friend. A friend that’s like your perfect pair of shoes, the pair that never fails.

But what happens when your shoes are through and those shoes are ready to move on? When it’s time for you and your favorite shoes to go your separate ways? You know that you’ll be friends forever that you’ll always remember them but it’s still hard to let go. See I, I believe in my shoes. They are my best friends the most loyal of them all.