Killing Creativity

Matthew - San Deigo, California
Entered on June 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe in creativity, and I believe creativity is what makes us human. A bird does not look at a canvas and see the great works of Van Gogh. A rabbit does not see the potential in every stone, and that quite frankly is why rabbits did not build the Great Wall of China. And it was not the lowly beetle that first flew into the endless skies of space. It was man, but more importantly man’s creativity. We cannot stand to see blank pages; we have the urge to fill them with science, math, literature, and art. This is what makes us human, this feeling of creativity and the imagination that has changed our world, and been shunned by it.

Creativity is the force that drives invention, innovation, and the imagination. It is these forces that form and change our world. The buildings, the places, and the people; but we are at risk. Society does not think of creativity as success. The arts are fanciful dreams that only fools chase. “You’ll never be an artist.” “You’ll never make any money doing that.” We have all heard these words, but if they were true we’d all be accountants or professors, because what we do in school and what we grow up thinking success is, is nothing more than what we’re told it is. We all want to love our careers and to control our futures, but we are influenced by the never-ending cycle of people who have given into society’s outlook on success. So how we all know that we’ll probably never be president. That we will never be compared to Mozart, or Beethoven. That we should be a doctor or a lawyer. It is money that fuels our view on success, not creativity.

When I say the word imagination, I think of a small innocent child. Pure in thought and with no real commonsense. Well I think they’re smarter than a lot of adults I know. They’ve got everything planned out perfectly. They’re going to finish first grade and then its straight to the White House. Then after that they’re going to start a band and travel all over the world, and after they finish their PB and J’s they’re going right to astronaut school. Now that is the life I want and I think we all want something similar to that deep down. I believe that society has no control on whether I achieve it or not.