Drugs don’t have to influence your life

Deanna - San Diego, California
Entered on June 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

My mom always told me that if I wanted to work for the FBI that I would have to pass a lie detector text. She said that when they asked me if I ever used illegal drugs, I would have to be truthful. She says, “I can see you working somewhere like that, the FBI or the CIA.” I change the subject not really feeling comfortable talking about my future. Once I asked her what would happen if I said yes, I had used illegal drugs. I asked if they would still hire me. She said she didn’t know, probably not. I really began thinking. About peer pressure and how I didn’t ever want to disappoint her, how I always wanted to have good grades and prove that I would be able to accomplish anything I set my mind to. Sometimes I complain about how I do too much and that I just want a break. Even though I know my mom is the one doing all the work by supporting me.

My mom points out how bad drugs are, and that you can steer clear of peer pressure. She would say that doing drugs doesn’t make you cool. It hurts you. She always tells me about drugs. And she tries to keep me away from them. Now that I’m in high school I know I could get drugs if I really wanted. I know I could be one of those kids waiting for the day to be over so I can get stoned under a bridge. My mom says I’m better then that; and I am. I believe drugs to affect everyone; you just need to that the heart not to let it influence you and the way you want to live.

When my mom told me that my friend was in rehab, I really just stopped and thought about how drugs, alcohol, and sex could affect your life. I really didn’t want to end up being the stupid girl who makes mistakes and ends up with a baby at 15. I kind of felt like it was my fault that I didn’t help my friend stop her habits before it got the better of her. And now as I wait for this long year to come to an end, I know I won’t make mistakes. I know I will keep up my grades and I know that no matter how tempting drugs, alcohol, or sex may be, I won’t fall into them and become peer pressured into a life that really isn’t me. My mom may be annoying at times, and it doesn’t feel fair for her to be so strict to me. But I know it will help me when I get faced with pot, vodka, or sex offers. This is why I believe drugs do affect everyone; you just need to have the heart not to let it influence the way you want to live.