Molly - Lampeter, Pennsylvania
Entered on June 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

In the event that your sixty-eight-year-old grandmother comes up to you and asks you, ‘what do you believe in?’ calmly, and gently, let her down. Say that you’re too young. You’re just too young to even begin to comprehend such things. You need to collect more experience in life before you can even begin to properly answer her question. Yes I know this would be a lie. I know that everyone has their own beliefs and you probably have changed them more times than you can remember, but for the sake of your grandmother’s health, keep the truth to yourself. Trust me; you do not want to get into this battle of beliefs with your grandmother. She is right and you are supposedly wrong and you r way of thinking will become corrupt in every way. The truth still hurts.

It took me seventeen years to successfully reform my own beliefs into that of my own. Seventeen years of editing things that I thought might have been or probably was. Seventeen years to come up with this:

I believe in a free world, a world where you can do anything, be anything and think anything. I believe in the power of a free mind, the ability to think and create whatever you can possibly imagine and not have it put down. I believe in art and science. I believe in logic and the power to use it. Let’s solve the world’s problems with logical thinking, instead of the violence on the streets. Let’s be free, all of us. Let’s have peace. I believe in progress. I believe in looking back and learning from the past in order to make that progress. I believe in new intelligence and being able to apply that to life, your life. I believe in experiencing new things and living with those experiences. I don’t believe in stereotypes. I believe in being different. I wish the majority of the world would not look down on those differences. I wish we could except change and let it willingly happen and not be afraid of it. The world needs change. The change is starting with my generation. My generation is being exposed to new and better things. We are creating our own religions and we like it. I believe that this change will continue to grow and be prosperous with more new generations to come. We need freedom and we need expression. I believe in love and happiness and the freedom to love and be loved back. I believe in the respect that it should come with. I believe in being true to how you feel. I believe in everything and everyone and the talent that they can bring to the world. I believe in me.