The downsides of Violence

George - Sac., California
Entered on June 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe…

‘An eye for an eye’. This quote is quite the opposite of what I believe. I believe that violence is wrong, and revenge is unsuitable. Violence is wrong because it never helps anything, always ends up making things a lot worse, and it isn’t the way to solve a problem. I have seen enough in my life, although I am only a mere teenager, which would have given me this belief.

Let’s say that someone just murdered your brother, and you know all you need to know about this person- where they live, what their name is, and what they look like. Well, you want revenge on them, and just how do you get it? You murder that person. Sure you’ll feel “the power” and it will seem like you did what you had to do, but ask yourself this: ‘How did this make anything better? Did it bring my brother back?’ The answer is, it didn’t. Another thing to keep in mind is, would your brother be happy knowing that you killed someone- even for him?

All right, now here’s another scenario, you’re a girl who’s going out with this guy who everyone wants. The new girl has been eyeing him for a long time. She goes up to you and tries to start a fight, in other words, she socks you in your face. So, what do you do? YOU BEAT HER UP, THAT’S WHAT!! Well, the fights over, and you both are in the Principal’s office awaiting suspension. You get a week, and she gets two days. When you come back to school, you find out that he broke up with you on text messaging yesterday, but you got your phone taken away. So now he’s with the other girl!!

Gee, wouldn’t you feel dumb? All that trouble, and for what? So you could be dumped by some loser? This could have all been prevented, had there been no violence involved.

Okay, so one last what if story. Say you and your sister got in a fist fight over who has to take a shower first. You guys don’t talk for a very long time. That was the first fight you guys have ever had!! Now, let’s say that you had a time machine, and you went back in time to the fight. You and your sister are just about to start the fight, but this time you say, “That’s okay, I’ll go first” and you go to take a bath. What was the result? You and your sister agree on things a lot more often. See? Now wasn’t that easy?

So, to sum up this long essay into a couple of sentences, violence is wrong. That is my belief. Violence is wrong because it never helps anything, always makes things worse, and isn’t the way to solve a problem. Violence can’t reverse a bad situation, such as death. Nothing but negative events happen due to violence. There are other ways to solve problems. Violence is wrong. This I believe…