A Government for All

Gregory - Seattle, Washington
Entered on June 3, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe that every U.S citizen has a right to live up to his or her potential, and that everyone who seeks it deserves a quality education that allows them to grow beyond just being a domestic servant to a legacy student at an ivy league institution.

I believe that everyone should be paid an honest wage for an honest day’s work, regardless of where they stand in an organization’s hierarchy. This means that not only should workers receive more than a subsistence wage that enables their offspring to live better lives, but also that CEO’s who bankrupt companies should not be rewarded for their efforts.

I believe that our government is obligated to lead our Country with truth, dignity and honor; that we should not be lied to, deceived or punished for questioning the false integrity of our leaders; and that these terms are more than just trite campaign slogans that are abandoned on confirmation day.

I believe in political leaders that inspire people to communicate with each other and better this Country, instead of leaders who foment fear, distrust, and the creation of a society that is insular within our own Country.

I believe that a government that preaches freedom in other countries and should also preach and provide the same for its own citizens instead of secretly compromising the civil liberties of those who oppose its views.

I believe that everyone should be held accountable for their actions, whether or not that person has stolen a pack of cigarettes, lied about the justification for war, or committed an act of treason by outing a CIA agent – and that these people should not rest because they know they will get a Presidential pardon.

I believe that the White House is referred to as such because of its exterior color, and not the color of the skin of the person who is elected and resides there.

I believe that everyone in our society deserves equal and affordable access to quality healthcare, whether you are a member of Congress or a checker at your local big box retailer.

I believe that “right to life” refers to an individual’s unequivocal and personal right to live his or her life in a manner that he or she wishes, without outside interference from others regarding the freedom to choose between life, death, euthanasia, or adoption.

I believe in a person’s right for self-protection, but not with assault weapons that are only intended for war. This extends to politicians whose only hunting success is the shooting of an accompanying peer.

I believe that this Country has a great history with honor, and that one day a leader will restore this basic principle and re-establish our severed strategic alliances.

I want to believe this will all happen in my lifetime.