I Believe in Having a Good Time

Jennafer - hollywood, Florida
Entered on June 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in having a good time. Yes, its all about having fun. I believe in focusing on the high points and the crazy moments in all our lives. I believe in working hard and playing harder. It is all about the anticipation for the weekend to come. The kind that has you sitting in class waiting for the clock to read 2:45 at the end of the day. I believe in getting ready all day and going out all night with your friends. I believe in car rides, loud crazy car rides. The kind that you blast the music and do the Chinese fire drill and play the window game with the car next to you. But before you can get in the car, you must fight the battle for shotgun. To some people shotgun isn’t important. This isn’t the case with my friends. We fight for it. At times we end up on the ground and up against the car next to ours fighting for that seat. All for fun of course.

I believe in going shopping and to the beach all day. I believe in going to drive inns in the pouring rain with a mattress on your head because it was in the back of the truck you drove in and couldn’t get wet. I believe in going to parties and dancing. You must dance for the night to be complete. Get up and let loose. I believe in laughing. Laugh when you are having fun, laugh when you are confused and laugh at your friends when they get in trouble. Just kidding. I believe in random nights and moments. Plans don’t always go as you want, roll with the punches and make the most out of it. Be positive. Don’t be annoying and boring. No one likes boring people. We all have something to offer, something different and unique. We owe our friends and acquaintances a good time, so give it to them. The human life is too short to sit back and watch it all fly ahead of you. Get in the moment and be crazy. That’s why I believe in having a good time.