I Believe in No More War

Carola - Ashland, Or 97520, Oregon
Entered on June 2, 2008
Age Group: 65+
Themes: war

I believe in no more war. The price is too high. The loss of life on each side, the pain and suffering is beyond calculation.

If we could gather together all the world’s religious leaders from over the centuries, they would not be fighting each other; no, they would be enjoying each other’s company. Most people yearn to be one with their God/Goddess/Universal Spirit and there are 6 billion paths to achieve this; everyone has his/her own truths. I could not kill a person who is just like me in basic needs.

Was does not resolve differences; it sows seeds for the next conflict. Look at Germany after WW1. The Allies demanded such huge reparations from Germany that a Hitler was bound to rise, did rise, and brought on WW2.

Here are some more of my beliefs:

1. Although I have not lost any children, I believe I speak for most mothers when I say I did not give birth to three children to have them grow up healthy and then be killed in their prime of early man/womanhood.

2. Today more fathers are present at their children’s births and daily care-taking. Early bonding will hopefully have fathers more inclined to discourage their adult children from enlisting in the military. The fathers, like the mothers, do not give their love to their children to have them killed, or be hurt.

3. If there’s another war, refuse to fight, unless our country is attacked.

4. Be willing to go to jail if arrested for civil disobedience. I chose to go to jail on Mothers’ Day, May 9th, 1982, along with 46 other women from California and Oregon. We could think of no better gift to our children than to spend 6 days in jail as a protest against California’s Lawrence Livermore Laboratory’s first strike policies. After our arrest, we sang this song in the van to the driver, en route to jail: (Tune: “Hey Ho, nobody home”)

“Love, love; we are love.

I love you, would that you loved me.

No more wars, no more wars,

Convert Livermore, forevermore”

Jail was no big deal; it was worth it to arouse public attention. So, don’t be afraid to go to jail by choice.

5. We need the 100th monkey’s quantum leap of consciousness for us to reject war. Learn about the option of conscientious objectors/

6.Get to know one or more real-live veterans and ask them how you can help them. Call your local National Guard for names, phone numbers, and addresses (Under Government section: Oregon State National Guard)

7. I believe everyone can profit by reading Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication. We need to learn how to really listen to each other, and to express our needs and desires in effective, non-confrontive language.

I believe in no more war.

Carola Lacy

Ashland, Oregon