Acoustic Guitar

Sul-ki - Norfolk, Virginia
Entered on June 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I remember watching music when I was little. This was the time I would spend with my brother and father during the summer or after elementary school. Trying to have fun in the solitude of a country area, we would listen to the Oldies, music from Britain, America, and Korea. I remember growing up with these masterpieces that became the melody inside of me. I believe in childhood… and the one and only voice in our soul: music.

During childhood, life is innocent and sweet. Everything that I ever wanted was simple: a toy, chocolate chip cookie, or a stuffed elephant. Life was just easy. All that you knew was what your favorite toy was and what annoyed your brother the most. One of my favorite toys was an old, broken acoustic guitar that belonged to my father. I would try to take it whenever I could to make “music”, or just noise. To me, the horrible off key cords that came from that guitar were melodious. During childhood, you find happiness in the simplest things like the smell of shampoo or annoying your brother. Those times I spent as a child are not too long ago, and thinking of them makes me smile today. I look to my childhood to somehow find a warm memory to help bring life when this world feels cold. I look to my childhood, and in it I will find all the love and advice that I will ever need. I choose to believe in childhood, and I choose to believe in the voice within my soul: music.