Life’s Most Important Lesson

Nicole - Williamstown, New Jersey
Entered on June 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

It’s hard to believe that in just fourteen short years, life has taught me a major lesson. Everyone knows that sisters always fight. It’s like an instinct for sisters. About a year ago, my sister and I fought a lot. It got bad sometimes. I felt like she hated me, but I knew I could never hate her. I would do anything for my sister. I loved her, and I believed she loved me.

It was a scorching hot summer day, and my sister and I were getting along for once, and she asked me to go to Wal-Mart with her because she wanted to get a new digital camera with her birthday money. She drove us there and we started looking at the cameras. After looking at every single camera in every color, she said they didn’t have the specific one she wanted. She told me that we needed go to Target and see if they had it. I was very angry because she said we were only going to go to Wal-Mart. We argued all the way out of the store.

We began walking out of Wal-Mart and looked both ways. There was a van a little ways back, but it didn’t appear to be moving. We began crossing and arguing at the same time. As I turned my head to the strange loud noise, I saw the van speeding toward us. I panicked. I gripped my sister’s arm and pulled her out of the way, yelling at her to watch out. I saw the ladies in the car laughing; they had been trying to hit my sister and me. They drove off too quickly for me to get their license plate number. We were both in shock; we began to cry and people started coming up to us left and right asking if we were okay. We said we were, but we knew we weren’t. My sister and I went back to the car with tears streaming down our faces. It was the loudest and quietest moment of my life. After we called my father, we waited, shaking in the car for him to arrive. The police soon became involved, but they couldn’t do anything because we didn’t have the license plate number. We tried going on with our normal day, but it was so overwhelming. We sat quietly for a few minutes shocked with what really happened to us.

In all of the lessons I’ve learned in life, this is by far the most important:

I believe things happen to help other situations. My sister and I were fighting a lot but since that incident, we have both realized we can lose each other at any second. We barely fight anymore and are closer than we have ever been in our whole lives. I love her, and I know she loves me. This, too, I believe.