The Strongest Thing

Bridger - Orem, Utah
Entered on June 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

It is another Sunday afternoon, and my family of nine is gathered around the dinner table for the large Sunday meal we always have. I am snugly squished between my mother and one of my sisters, as the table erupts into chaos, with confusion, laughter, and stories ensuing while we enjoy the meal. I realize that I feel like I’m in the center of it all—the center of a grand experience that is more secure to me than anything else I love.

I believe that families are not only the most fundamental part of us as humans, but that they also are the strongest thing humans can build.

I began to realize the importance of families at a young age. Following the motto “Family First”, my parents refused to let any activities go before our family. I have developed bonds with my family that go deeper than anything else—bonds that draw me to my family, bonds that make me burst into a run on the way home from school, as my soul aches to get home, as it craves the nourishment that only my family can provide.

And yet, my love of families doesn’t just extend to my family alone. I look forward to having my own family one day—and, in doing so, I have developed a love for the children and spouse that I have not yet seen. How is it possible to love a family you don’t have? Why do I, at the end of each day, remind myself how deeply I love them—my future family?

Not only are families essential to me, but they give me hope for my generation. We seem to be living in a world that is getting darker. Families reassure me of what humans are capable of building. My belief in families has helped me believe in not only my potential, but the potential of all humans. I believe that families are the strongest things we can make. And families, I believe, can make it through anything.