Heart Shaped Pancakes on a Tray

Lilly - Burnsville, North Carolina
Entered on June 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

My mom does the craziest things sometimes. She will beg me to go outside with her barefoot in the middle of a downpour simply because she believes rain is good for your soul. She takes me swimming at night just for the thrill of jumping in water on a warm summer evening. She makes me plant millions of zinnias in ninety degree weather so that I can share the love of gardening just like she does…just like her mom did. Sometimes, my mom, still to this day, will bring me breakfast in bed on a Saturday morning with heart shaped pancakes on a tray that isn’t complete without a flower on top. My mom is the best.

I get stressed easily, and when I do, I’m not easy to be around. I am grumpy and hateful, and it’s best just to avoid me. This being my senior year, it has been filled with stress. There was a time this year when I had so much stuff to do that I thought I would explode from anxiety. After going to school all day, I had to come home and do twenty problems of Calculus homework, write a paper, read a book for English, and work on college applications, while still finding time for dinner, family, and a shower before bed. All this work created several feelings including self-pity, frustration, and maybe even a strong dislike for any person responsible for the amount of work I had to do in this short amount of time. However, it’s time like these when I look to my mom for inspiration.

My mom’s parents died when she was six, but when life was hard and she was sad or lonely, she kept going, determined to make things better, and knowing that it would be worth it. Whenever I am stressed about school and life in general, I think of my mom and how much harder things must have seemed without having her parents love and support. Mom always does her best to make my life easier when school is caving in on me. She does little things like picking me flowers, making me a snack, or letting some of my chores slide. In her own way, she pushes me to do better, and not give up. The support and love my mom was unable to receive from her mother, is made up through the support and love she gives to me.

My mom is the bravest person I know. When life was hard, she never gave up, never stopped caring, and never stopped smiling. If anything, she worked harder, cared more, and smiled more all to be the perfect mom for me. Because of my mom, I know that I can accomplish anything and be whoever I want to be. I believe that even if I fail, life will go on, and I will succeed some other way. My successes will derive from my failures. Through my mom’s happiness, energy, and crazy adventures, I am inspired to work harder and not give up when life is difficult. A challenge is just a challenge and it can be overcome with the right mentality. Although some say I do not look like my mom, I am proud when they say I act like my mom. My destiny resides in my hands, in my heart, and in my determination – This I believe.