The art of Nails

Misty - Ligonier, Indiana
Entered on June 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe…

Ever since I was a little girl I was painting my nails, every color of the rainbow could be discovered on my hands (because I sometimes messed up).

Bottles and bottles of nail polish can be found under my bed and on my shelves. I’ve even got these cool new markers I use to paint my nails. When ever I paint my nails I get lost in all the dripping colors. I like the cool wetness on my nails. I use nail painting as a pastime. I could go for hours painting and repainting my nails because I can’t make up my mind on what color to wear. You can tell what mood I am in by what color I am wearing. If I am feeling sad or upset I wear blue or black. Yellow for happy and red for angry or if I am feeling loved. Painting your nails is not just a hobby to me its self expression as you can see. It feels like freeing yourself from all the individuals around you, like diving into a bucket paint. The sound of it is a bunch of girls laughing and gossiping. Every time the girls and I are done painting our nails it looks like a nuclear explosion of color was set off. It’s not just all about the nail polish either; I love to ad a little bit of glamour to my nails. Sparkles, rein stones, stickers, and even buttons are a perfect accessory for any occasion even for self enjoyment. I hate it when I just get done painting my nails and then five minutes later chip I have to paint over and then wait for it to dry to finish what ever I was working on. Even if its at school I will paint over them (that’s what I got the special markers for).

I believe that painting your nails is for every woman young and old and for some occasions even guys. Painting your nails adds a little spice to everyone’s life. I LOVE painting my nails and you should too!