The Beauty of Imperfection

Dylan - Newville, Pennsylvania
Entered on June 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I am a 16 year old high school student growing up in a nation at war. Our greatest concern is gas prices. New presidents are campaigning relentlessly with platforms that, as history shows, could very well be constructed on false foundations. And of course, there are the everyday stresses of being a high school student. Through all of these tensions that surround me, I find peace in the unexpected; comfort in the unknown; and beauty in imperfection.

I can sit and listen to the raspy nasally words of Bob Dylan for hours with a smile on my face. The confidence and honesty, as well as the emotions Dylan conveys with his simple music are more meaningful than most any computer-perfected pop song. I would much rather go see a new band trying out their own sound than listen to a DJ play the same old recordings at a party. The new band may not sound completely tight, and they could still have some roughness around the edges, but they’re out there trying with their own voices; striving for the eternally evasive perfection.

I love the unpredictability of the weather too. No sun rise or sun set is ever the same. Each one is in its own way beautiful. I love the stifling hot summer days when the dark clouds march through the sky and fill the air with electricity. And then, with one drop it all changes and the plummeting sheets of rain wash away all the sweat and heat of the day. I still lie on the grass some days and stare up at the clouds. I try as hard as I can to name them as a shape or figure, but the white clouds refuse to be classified. The unclassifiable balls of fluff are calming for me; they take me out of the trivial tensions of every day life for a few minutes and let me see life from a different perspective.

Of course there is human error as well. We as humans are probably the most imperfect of all. I tend to like spontaneous or somewhat quirky people because I can never quite predict what they’re going to do next, and I love that about them. Also, without mistakes, all of my good experiences would seem dull in comparison. I need the bad times due to my own faults in my memory, so I can smile longer on the good times. I think human mistakes are as inevitable as birth and death, so why not look on them with humor?

When the stresses of everyday life seem to close in on me, I like to take myself out for a few minutes and just reflect on the greatness of life’s little mysteries. I believe in the beauty of imperfection at its finest.