The Common Dork

Samantha - Seattle, Washington
Entered on June 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Ever since 5th grade I realized that I am a dork. Not in the really good at school, pants super high kind of way; but in the silly random kind of way. I believe in being the common dork.

The stereotypical school dork would be a kid with freakishly large ears, and mouth to prove it, although I must agree that I have a big mouth, my life hasn’t changed too much since I realized my new found life sentence. To be the dork, the funny person people just chuckle at when they see walking down the hall.

Even though sometimes my cousins laugh at me and ask me what goes on in my head or close friends call me ‘plucky comic relief’, I believe that being the school dork is the best way to go because it boosts my self confidence, I feel free and alive when I don’t have to worry about the ‘oh my gosh she’s a weirdo’ stares or the eye rolls just because I want to sing the barney theme song.

Once in 5th grade, I was running down to the courtyard and I linked arms with one of the girls in my class and we skipped down the steps yelling ‘cheeseburger’ at the top of our lungs. I made a true friend that day by just doing a simple dorky action.

After her and I became close friends, we decided to say stink’n after every few words. For example: “did you stink’n know that stink’n dinosaurs are stink’n extinct?” We got in really big trouble for that because apparently stink’n was potty mouth. But she and I had so much fun and I will always remember our stink’n fest.

Another time, my friend and I decided to be supermodels for the day. She came over to my house that morning and we put on our best ‘bad makeup job’. For the whole school day we wore flowery skirts, pink shirts, and ugly shoes. She and I walked around with our legs crossing over one another each time we took a step, which as you can imagine was hard to do when you are walking down the stairs. At recess we pretended to be supermodels and would give each other ugly hairdos. Our teachers got really fed up with us because we used a valley girl accent at school. Overall it was a really fun day and the response we got from the students and teachers was priceless!

I believe that it’s ok to sing a dorky song every now again. I believe that yelling cheeseburger through my school courtyard is as important as learning the Pythagorean Theorem. I believe that sometimes being loud and obnoxious is a good thing. I believe that my mouth is too big for my thoughts. I believe in being the common dork.