More Than Just Words

Melanie - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Entered on June 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I was having a really bad day. I overslept and therefore missed the delicious Lucky Charms that were longingly calling my name. My mom had to drive me to school and the tension in the car was terrible. We arrived at school and I hastily said thank you in hopes that it will appease her irritation. I rushed into school, and barely made it to my first class on time. The hour dragged on until I was convinced that the clocks were broken. The period finally ended and I raced to math, thinking equations would occupy my mind.

How wrong I was. The teacher was reviewing a lesson from the previous class. Unfortunately, I had missed that class and had no idea what was going on. During work time, I asked my friends to help me, but they were working together and didn’t want me to slow them down.

I concentrated on not crying as I stared at the sheet of strange numbers and signs. The bell rang, announcing lunch. Although I was quite hungry, I grabbed my Harry Potter book and scurried to the library.

Of course, the library was full and wouldn’t let me sit and read. Desperately, I knocked on a teacher’s door and quietly asked if I could spend my lunch period in her classroom.

She asked me if I was all right.

“I just need—”I choked, my sobs no longer contained. I held up my book, hoping she got the message. I escaped into a world filled with Death Eaters and wizards, barely noticing the many tears streaming down my cheeks. When I finally glanced up at the clock, I was surprised to see that thirty minutes had passed.

I thanked the teacher, trying to include my immense gratitude into two small words.

I walked out of her classroom, preparing myself for the three hours I had ahead of me.

With Harry, Hermione, Ron, and the rest of the gang on my side, I smiled.

I was ready.