Laughter: Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul

Rachel - Willowbrook, Illinois
Entered on June 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Webster’s Dictionary defines laughter as the act of showing amusement with a smile, chuckle, or explosive sound. As I read this definition, I realized that laughter is one of those things that can only be explained by using the word itself. To me, laughter is like chicken noodle soup for the soul, so no offense to Webster’s Dictionary, but their definition just doesn’t cover it.

I believe that laughter is contagious. I absolutely love sitting around with some friends and suddenly someone starts laughing. Then a couple other people join in. Of course I can’t help but to start laughing. Before you know it, everyone is practically in tears, rolling on the floor, clutching their sides. When it starts to subside, we all look around and burst out laughing again, sitting there for twenty more minutes, loosing track of time, and what we were really laughing about in the first place. Everyone adds their own spice and distinct flavor to the fun, which is why the soup turns out so great every time you make it.

I believe in laugh lines. Unfortunately today they are endangered. Today it is difficult to find a genuine recipe that doesn’t call for the fake ingredients, just like it is hard to find someone who truly embraces their laugh lines. Every other minute, there is a new product to, “turn back time”, “get rid of those wrinkles”, and “look younger.” What I don’t understand is why someone would want to get rid of something so beautiful. Laugh lines are a part you, they show that you have enjoyed life and that you want others to know it. Why fight something that is meant to be seen and admired?

I believe that laughter is the best medicine. I know that if I am having a rough day at school or work; someone will be there to make me feel better by trying to get me to laugh. No matter how hard I try, after I hear the punch line of that “why-did-the-chicken-cross-the-road” joke, it’s impossible not to laugh. If used correctly, I believe that laughter can cure anything, which is why when I laugh, I instantly feel better. I can feel it spreading from my head to my toes, like chicken noodle soup on a cold day.

I believe that laughter is the universal language; it is understood everywhere, and is shared by all too. It is part human nature to laugh. I believe that laughter has that magical power to heal anything bad. Years ago, I heard that a good, hearty laugh adds about seven minutes onto your life. Many people don’t think this to be true, but I know it is. If someone lives their life without laughter, then their life has gone unfulfilled, it hasn’t blossomed, and I don’t want that. I love laughing, and hopefully I will have lots of seven minutes added to my life because of it.

This I believe.