I believe…what?

Keerthana - Minnetonka, Minnesota
Entered on June 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

A person believes in many things. Normal and unnatural, fiction and truth, religion and science. One may believe god is real and others may oppose. It all depends on the person. There are many wonders around the world which people don’t know the whole truth in, though they make up random ideas and believe in it. But believing doesn’t have to be a universal thing; it can also be an idea for yourself. It can be as silly as, “I believe I can fly,” to as serious as, “I believe I can travel the world in 80 days.” So, people have many beliefs and the way they believe can vary. My main belief is still unknown.

The object of this paper is to write about one thing you believe, and so I started out making a list of things I believe in to use for this paper. “I believe it’s not life that’s not fair,”, “I believe humans are selfish,”, “I believe life is given to live,”, “I believe…,” and so on. Once I finished my super long list of “I believe’s,” I had to choose only one to write about. This, to me, was a mind-twisting experience. This decision was even harder than a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle. I had over 20 choices on paper and even some extra on my mind.

Through the list of beliefs, I started thinking for each one of them to see which was easier to write about. Doing this didn’t help my process, but made it even more confusing. Now I had a point for each one; all of them very good, but I didn’t have more. I couldn’t think of better extras that would be easier to write an essay about. Then, I started circling the ones that would be fun and a bit funny. That crossed off a lot of options, but then I thought it would also be good if I wrote about something touching and can affect other peoples emotions a bit, make them reflect. This time, I was confusing myself rather than the beliefs.

Twisting and turning through my options, I was crossing off and adding many things. Soon, the paper I had a list on was a piece of abstract art, crumpled slightly, erased, crossed off, marked, and much more. To tell the truth, my paper was even worse than an abstract piece of art. In fact, it wasn’t art at all. Now, it was just a piece of garbage lying right in front of me, and this piece of garbage happens to be the one which was giving me the worst time of my life. Who would have thought a piece of paper could have such power?

After I calmed myself down from the excitement, I realized something. “Jeez! There really are so many things to believe in!” Saying that gave me a click on my mind and I quickly wrote something on my list; my final option. I believe that there are too many things to believe in.