Trial and Error

Nathan - Palatine, Illinois
Entered on June 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Seven thirty in the morning is not a good time to be doing much of anything. Being a Saturday after just waking up doesn’t make it any better. But this particular Saturday a couple years ago seven thirty in the morning was an excellent time to do something.

Curiosity may have killed the cats but it hasn’t killed me yet, and that’s not for lack of trying. I have a bunk bed and used to keep a ladder on the side so that I wouldn’t have to jump up and down every time I went to sleep or got up. I had always wondered if it was possible to climb down that ladder on my hands, and I had nothing better to do this morning.

I believe in testing things. If I don’t think that my teacher did the math problem correctly I’ll do it myself and then correct the teacher if necessary. This particular morning I was testing a theory, something neither true nor false. I stretched myself across my bed and reached my hands down to the first step on the ladder, then the second, then the third. Soon my arms were baring most of my weight as I hovered above the floor. My hands were on the last step above the floor, almost to my goal when I became suddenly indecisive.

I believe in trusting my instincts. Numerous science labs have proven that I have sound instincts which can lead me in the right direction. This morning the right direction was back up the ladder to the safety of my bed. I worked my way back up, slowly pushing away from the ground until I got to the second step. My hands were sweaty and my arms were shaking. I reached up to push myself back to safety and my hand slipped.

I was fortunate. The next thing I remember is sitting on the floor in the middle of my room crying with blood coming out of my lower lip. I have two scars to remind me of this morning, but more importantly I learned a lesson. Being wrong is ok, it happens to everyone at some point in time. But just because I was wrong this once doesn’t mean that I should give up any of my beliefs. So perhaps my strongest belief is that you must hold on to what you believe.