I believe in believing in your self

Tori - Medina, Washington
Entered on June 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in tackling, yes tackling your goal in any way you can.

“The beating of my heart grew faster as I extend my fingers and smile. The rushing of my thoughts in my head repeated. Until I was done, I walked to the side of the edge as they call back the numbers. 4, 34, 123, 21, 22….22 was me”

Have you ever stopped believing in your self? And failed your goal? I believe in true thoughts. I believe you should always believe in your self and try your hardest when there is a goal that you want to tackle. I believe if you try your hardest and keep thinking of your goal you will achieve your goal.

One time I was dancing at my first dance convention. I felt exhausted because I have been dancing for 5 hours straight. My goal for the convention was to figure out if I was considered a good dancer. Every time I felt like falling down I would think of my goal and try to be noticed. To be noticed that means doing all movements full out and that takes twice as much energy. It was during lyrical class we were performing to the teacher what we learned. The teacher was picking out students and asking them to perform in front of every one. My group was performing and no one was picked. Until the last second she said girl with the black and white stripes. That was me. I felt relived and I ran up stage to perform. From that experience I learned that by trying your hardest and believing your self with give you a positive result.

As you can tell from my first story I am a dancer. I love to dance. In dancing there are a lot of challenges. I realized this belief while thru my first year of competitive dancing. Another time to show my belief I was trying to do 4 pirouettes. As you may know pirouettes are turns. They take a long time to perfect. In one of my dances I was assigned to do 4 perfect pirouettes. I could do 3 and a half I kept believing my self and I would practice my balance, placement of the foot, and my spotting. Gradually I practiced every day every time I got the chance. One day I was in jazz class and we were going across the floor. I kept thinking to my self and I believed in my self. I did a step ball change and hope and try that I will get a nice pirouette. I did 4 perfect ones. I felt so proud of my self. The main reason why I got it was because I kept thinking about it and I kept trying my hardest.

I believe if you put your mind on something and try your hardest you have an enormous chance of achieving it. Every time you feel like giving up you just have to keep on thinking about your goal.