This I Believe

Jennifer - Williamstown, New Jersey
Entered on May 31, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

The dock creaked beneath our feet, as we began to tie up the crab nets. Leaning over the side, I gazed into the water, the sun beating down relentlessly on my body. What had come over me that morning when I agreed to this trip, I’ll never know.

During the previous weeks, my mom had been mentioning how excited my grandfather was to have us visit. I knew this involved the usual fishing and crabbing trips that I was never fond of. But my grandfather had been begging me to come, so I caved. What I didn’t know when I volunteered was how much patience and sunscreen it required.

After setting up the fishing poles and adding bait to the crab nets, we waited. Despite the speedboats racing by, and the seagulls diving overhead, life on the dock seemed to be in slow motion. I can’t remember how many times I got up to check for bites on the bait out of pure boredom, only to find nothing. I collapsed into the beach chair we laid out and grunted. We had been there for only an hour and were to remain for several more. I glanced over at my father and brother and saw them chatting with the people on the other end of the dock. But when I looked over at my grandfather, I was surprised to find a look of pleasure on his face. “How can anyone possibly enjoy this,” I thought to myself. Again I got up to check the lines, but there was still nothing, no surprise there. When I looked over at my grandfather again, he was smiling at me. He must have noticed the look of impatience and aggravation on my face, or maybe he was just enjoying the day. That’s when I realized how happy it truly made him that I was there.

Spending the entire day bonding with my family and “attempting” to fish may not have been appealing to me, but he looked forward to it. Although I dreaded spending the day catching fish in the crab nets, he loved it. He was happy that I was there and that was enough to make me forget about how boring it was. It was also enough for me to join them for every crabbing trip from that point on, because helping to bring happiness to others, is worth any price. This I believe.