Learning From Children

Erin - Grand Rapids, Michigan
Entered on May 31, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: children

This I Believe

So often today we are caught up in what is politically correct, how to get ahead in our careers, and focus on ourselves. As adults we know what we should do, but aren’t always successful at doing it. I believe that we can all learn something from children. They are filled with such a rare quality of pureness that we do not see anywhere else. Children are honest in such a unique way that they don’t even realize how uncommon it is. When your clothes don’t look right, or you have something on your face, a child never asks anyone else if they should tell you. They just do. Not offensively, not beating around the bush, they just simply tell you. I am sometimes surprised at how honest my students are because they never thought not to be.

Children want everyone to succeed and they do not have ulterior motives. They want their friends to win and they cheer them on. They share because it’s more fun to play with others. You never see a small child say “I want to play this position on the team because it will give me a better chance in the future”. They enjoy the success of others and they live for the moment!

Children choose their friends by how much fun they have with a person. It has nothing to do with the neighborhood they live in, what job their parents have, or what they look like. These things would not cross a child’s mind. As long as your shoes are good for running it does not matter what brand they are. They don’t care about religion as long as you are kind, honest, and play fair. I believe we should all spend a little more time learning to play like this!

Children are not sarcastic. They don’t say things to intentionally hurt your feelings or tear you down. In their world it is just the way things are done. For example, I remember a particular instance that happened in my classroom. We had spent the entire week testing and the kids were frustrated and so was I. Without thinking I made a sarcastic comment to a student who had been pushing