My Gut Speaks

Aadil - Palatine, Illinois
Entered on May 31, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in trying. I believe in trying the impossible, knowing that I can never succeed. I believe goals should be unachievable, impossible tasks. I believe at shooting for what I can’t hit, fighting what I can’t fight, and I believe in winning. I believe in making friends with people I don’t get along with, even if I’m not lonely. I believe if everyone could do the same, the world would be such a better place, but I don’t believe that is the world’s purpose. I believe the world is there to kill me in the end, and I believe in living. I know I will die, it is inevitable, but it is an impossible battle that I will win. I don’t mean living forever, I mean having a part of me live on through everyone who I have met. I believe that I will live on through everyone they meet, and so on. I believe that I will reincarnate when everyone has a part of me in them, and I believe that I will then be immortal. I believe that I can never find out who I truly am because society has rooted itself so deeply in me, and yet I will try all the same.

I believe that humans are more than the chemicals and cells that make us up. Therefore I also believe that we can ignore our impulses and our emotions and our perspectives for the greater good. I believe in standing on the side of the road and letting people pass me up, because they have a better chance to improve the world than I. Those with a drive stronger than I have should go into the fast lane and get as high as they can, without falling to impulse and sin, and use their power for good, that I believe. I believe that death is a barrier to stop evil from rooting itself in our world and killing it. I don’t know if I will die, or when I will die, but I do know that I am living now. I do know that I can try now. I do know that I can fight now. I do know that I can win now. This I believe. No, this I do know to be true.