Briana - SanAngelo, Texas
Entered on May 30, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that adults don’t give my generation as much credit as it deserves. I’m not talking about all adults. Just most of them. They say my generation is going to start an energy crisis because it uses up to many natural resources. But I believe…THAT’S A LIE. My generation isn’t the one that has been using them for the past twenty years. I believe that we are the people that adults blame so they are not.

My generation is also blamed for being the only generation that is lazy and not wishing to work for a living. That is also a lie and not our fault. Some kids now a day, I admit, are too lazy to work for money but it is because parents just hand my generation money when it asks for it. See, now, my generation can walk up to its parents and ask, “Hey, can I have thirty dollars?” and they will give it to the kids. Now, I’m not saying all adults will do this, but it’s enough to make my generation look bad. To me parents should be a little stricter on that part. Take my parents for example, they don’t just hand me money. I have to work for it just like I would in the real world. And if I don’t do my work I don’t get paid, and if I don’t do it well I get paid less. This is how I think parents should give kids money. By them working for it. It would make the little part of my generation look better.

Finally, my generation is also blamed for stuff like underage drinking, and smoking. But you know what? IT ALL GOES BACK TO THE PARENTS! If the parents wouldn’t drink and smoke and do other things then my generation wouldn’t follow their examples. Plus over half the time it is the parents who supply the beer for us. Now…I am one of the lucky ones. My parents are strict about underage drinking, or drinking at all for that matter! But what about the other part of my generation that isn’t as lucky as me? Their parents are getting my generation blamed for stuff it shouldn’t be blamed for. And I don’t think this is fair. Adults do NOT give my generation as much credit as it deserves or should get. THIS I BELIEVE.