The Power to Express

Bella - canyon lake/texas/78133, Texas
Entered on May 30, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The Power to Express

I believe in the power to express yourself, the ability to dress and to

impress as being yourself. I think the definition of power explains everything, the ability,

strength and capacity to do something. When I think about power it reminds me of being

independent and strong, thinking outside the box and imagining as others don’t. Different

people have there way of being creative but I believe it’s through everything not just one

unparticular thing.

This world is full of so called “posers” people who think there someone else, but

these people are really something different, something truly special. Some people haven’t

found the will to express themselves, yet. We as humans look around at others to get a so

called “unique” image and the way to look at life, but what some don’t know that you’ll

never know who you really are until you realize what you’re passionate for, what you

wake up in the morning for and strive to do. I believe I have the will to express myself, I

honestly think we all do. You just have to find the power in your heart that’s where its

comes from.

Many people are just scared to find out who they really are, I know I once was. I

strongly believe the way you get the power to express yourself is to go out there and

show the world you can be you, dress weird, talk different, paint yourself a wacky color,

but all in all show people who you really are and why you’re like that.

So therefore, within expressing yourself its not just in art, music, love, but its in

every part of our lives. The way we wash our hands, tie our shoes and how we talk are all

simple examples of how we express ourselves. Through simple matters like these we tend

to figure out other ways to show who we really are. If you look in the past and see what

all the famous singers, actresses, and any type of performers wore about more then half

of them dressed different and spoke funny, to basically stand out. As Jim Morrison once

said “Where’s your will to be weird.”