I Believe in Showers

Skylar - New Braunfels, Texas
Entered on May 30, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in showers.

I believe in a place where you can flaunt your creativity. Your unappreciated talent is understood by the crowd of one standing under your showerhead because that’s the only person that matters. Every time you turn on the shower radio you somehow know how to play every song on your air guitar. No matter which lyrics you spit out of your mouth, it’s right to your ears. You know that if you mess up a word, line or an entire verse it isn’t going to matter at all. You are on the center of the stage and, at the same time, inside of your shower curtains. You are your own band because no one else is necessary. I believe in a place in which you are always yourself.

I believe in a place where you can have pointless, yet meaningful, secrets. A place where you can do and say what you want and not have to worry about the social consequences. You can recite your favorite song and not have to fret about what people will say when they figure out you like that band. You can be your alter ego; the frequent singer; the chronic air guitar player; the constant cymbal crasher. Whichever personality you happen to choose you can turn it into another pointless secret. A secret in which if someone else found out it most likely wouldn’t make them think any different of you.

I believe in a place that adjusts to your current situation. The place never fails to replace your frown with a smile. Whatever depressing situation might be worrying you at the moment your place will somehow solve it for you. After you suffer through a barrage of harsh words you can close your bathroom door, turn on the radio as loud as you deem fit to drown out your sister crying, turn on the water steaming hot to slowly melt your gloomy situation away and bring you to your own fantasy world where you are the frequent singer; you are the chronic air guitar player; you are in your place.

I believe in my place.

I believe in showers.