This I Believe

Matthew - Frankfort, Kentucky
Entered on May 30, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

One character trait i strongly believe practicing is being optimistical. As we partake in the journey of life there will be obstcles diverging our path, i find it easy to give up during these pressuring or difficult situations,and not try as hard as we possibly can. By evaluating the more favorable outcomes we may perform better in whatever the dilemma may be, a sort of mind over matter factor.

When i was younger i found myself being shy and reserved. I would always aspire to participate in things that kids my age were doing, but i found myself feeling more reluctant to get involved. I came to the Conclusion that i was just self-conscience and worried too much of other peoples views and opinions. I let other people lead my life and affect what i did. I always loved playing ssports and this is mainly where i had these encounters, from playing kickball at recess to catching a pick up game of soccer at a local park. I sometiems surprised myself at how well i would play the more i played the more i opened up and became social. It was at this time i had my revelation. After meeting people and realizing they just wanted to have fun like me i finally grasped that i was more of a critic than they would ever be. I took my first consequential step in overcoming this problem when i enrolled in middle school. I was encouraged by many of my peers and family to play a sport, so i took their advice and joined the junior high football team. I was told there would be no cuts and everyon would make the team this made me feal a little more confident and not as worried. This was the first instance i can remeber myself being optimistic. I took this opportunity to tell myself im going to do this and not quit. I suddenly had a reason to try a reason to devote my self. This reason was a sense of importance; i had a school to represent as well as myself. The enviroment was very difficult for me to adapt to, being that the majjority of the players on the team had previous experience at playing football during the youth leagues in which i was to hesitant to join. So now i was not only struggling with being comfortable i didn’t know two cents about what i was doing, i was more of a spectator up to this point. I quickly got into the hang of things after familiarizing myself with my coaches and fellow teammates. I was enjoying myself making friends and participating in physical activity. I soon felt this burning ambiton i always new gloomed inside. I was just waiting let it out. I loved to play defense it was a way to relive my stresss, being shy like i was i never got into fights and just blew off most the confrontations i encountered. This was a vent for me and i was praised for doing something that became natural after a while. After joining the team i foundmyself more self confident and making new friends all the time. I met many new people my age during this time, when we went to middle school there were kids from other schools that we sddenly shared classes with. People I had never seen before in my life, that alone was intimidating.

I once agin took advantage of the situation and decided to make the best of it.. I concurred that there were many new people wich ment many new friends to make. I was posotive many felt like i once had so i took that opportunity to help people feel better about themselves which in return would do the same for me. I feel if i never would have took initiative to involve myself in football i would not be the person i am today.Now i am a very outgoing down to earth person that is always looking for new friends. By overcoming my fears of other peoples opinions it has helped mold who i now. I am grateful for being optimistiic, and will continue to convince myself to try new and more intresting things. Which i belive can produce very rewarding outcomes.